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| Vrohdo47 | Javier S. Sañudo |

Born in Mexico City.
Based in Berlin, Germany.


2021/July/16-18, Cadavre Exquis – Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin, Germany
2014 – Pop-Up goes Avantgarde at Berlin Avantgarde Gallery. 
2014 – New Artists Week at Pop-Up Art Gallery Berlin. 
2014 – Solo Exhibition at Rusty Pigfoot Tattoo, Berlin, Germany. 
2014 – Nude Exhibition at Pop-Up Art Gallery Berlin.
2012 – Frodo47 au Carré des Halles. Carré des Halles, Lille, France.
2011 – México Siniestro. Resistance Gallery, London, England. 
2010 – Mecanik Matters. Le Labo Sonore, Chèrisay, France. 
2009 – Erotismo en la cama a través de los ojos del hombre. Exhibition and contest from Bayer and Escuela Activa de Fotografía. (Winner on the category “Premio de la gente”, Mexico City.
2008 – Erotizarte. Faro de Oriente, Mexico City.
2008 – Back to the worms/Nude. Casa Refugio Citlaltepetl, Mexico City.
2007 – Miedo. Machado Galery Shop, Mexico City.
2007 – Autorretratos. Escuela Activa de Fotografía, Mexico City.


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